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Digi Final

What it feels like:   Before the Beginning: I used piskel to create the animations.  I like using piskel because it allows me to be very precise and I have previous experience using it for other projects in the past.  I do not recommend piskel for big projects such as this.  Sprites and animations can easily […]

Final Project Details

Heyo, Here’s an overview of the audio editing I did for our final project. I also revamped certain aspects of the website – cleaning up posts, finalizing some image sliders, etc. to format the website for post class use. I was going to originally host my audio on soundcloud, but the auto copyright detection seems […]

Chris M.

I love his three-panel bird installation.  Birth – body disintegrating into birds.  Critique/being picked apart – birds coming down and out to attack you.  Transcendence – sprout giant wings.  Chris works with VR technology for some of his projects making them interactive.  He has a wide variety of motion pictures, some animated and some live […]

Marco B.

He has done a lot of interesting video work.  He also worked on multiple movies during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.   He is very proficient in layer work.  His megaplexes are just layers and layers of gifs, as many gifs as one could fit in one area and still make sense.  He uses colors and tints […]

Evan R.

Great use of space.  His work varies from being very economical with space to be very spread out and really using the space given. They way he sorts his wires are the most organized of the artists we have seen so far.  His installations with photographs and filters are very well done and organized.  I […]

David M

He has a lot of variety in his work.  Many different pieces with different personality. They range from fun, cool, slick to even trippy.  It looks like he has done some commercialization with his work for things like shoes.  I like his work, it is all very clean and well done.  Nothing looks sloppy or […]

Website Update Pt. 4

Another round of website updates. These are a bit of a mix between content and site maintenance. (11/22/2017): – Added new video project to videos page, including source material, and the ds project page – Added new Daily creates to the corresponding page – Cleaned out old media – Removed legacy site backups – Adjusted […]

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