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Phase Two Blogging

PHASE TWO BLOG POSTS So, this is super long winded and takes everything from the Phase Two page into consideration… Prepare yourselves for some hellish word-vomiting ~ (I’m going to say that each individual paragraph should be its own separate post, thanks ~) My goal is for the players who go through my game to […]

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Questionnaire

Hello, you beautiful whatsits !! I have another request for each of you. If you haven’t seen my earlier posts : I am working on creating the script for a game that is centered around helping friends cope with their social, anxiety, and mental disorders. While looking for professional sources on the matter is grand, […]

Gamification Results

Here is a big THANK YOU !! to those who took up my Gamification Challenge !! RESULTS (I won’t be including hyperlinks simply due to time constraints. You should just be able to put “Wikipedia + X” in Google to find the individual pages.) 🙂 When I first made this challenge, this was the route […]

Crafty Foxes Playtesting !!

WOW. JUST WOW. SUPER WOW. Playtesting for Crafty Foxes went so much better than I could have anticipated !! As always, I must thank the brave souls that trudged through my three-page instruction manual and played through the game with me. We may now safely say that we’re all in very awkward and uncomfortable shipping […]

Gamification Challenge

Looking for a Challenge ? I’ve got one for you !! (You’d also be doing me a huge favor. No pressure.) For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, there exists a new breed of educational practice called “Gamification,” which focuses on integrating the world of games into education in order to engage […]

Challenge 2 Progress

“IT’S MINE !! ALL THE FOOD, IT’S MIIINEEE !!!” …Is what you would say if you were playing my brand-spanking new card game, Crafty Foxes !! This is what I’ve come up with for the second part of four game-making challenges, and I do believe I like this game more than the last one. This […]