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Design Principles of Little Business Cats

This week, I am focussing on the actual design of the game and how the game mechanics are tying into this design. From previous posts, the mechanics of the game use a mix of overhead business management and interview style “choose your own adventure” dialogue based game. Using this as the base of my game […]

WHAT TIME IS IT??????….Interview Time?

So for our newest class assignment, we have to come up with an interview question to ask this guy about gaming… ok. I have not done an interview in a very long time, so this is actually quite difficult. First of all, I ask too much in my questions. I mean that when I am […]

Gamification: How It is Saving Me from Myself.

This course, the gaming FSEM, has been one of my biggest blessings, as well as one of my biggest curses. Ever since I was in grade school, I was obsessed with gaming and that lifestyle with it. When I found out that there was a class for this at University of Mary Washington, I was […]

Stage 1: Actually Thinking of a Game Idea.

Well. Guess Im behind huh? Yeah, so I had a rad game idea, but that is going to the back burner for an even more cute idea. Cats.  I love cats, and I miss my cat (Booboo) who is back at home in Richmond. So I began to think, why don’t I make a game […]