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Evan R.

Great use of space.  His work varies from being very economical with space to be very spread out and really using the space given. They way he sorts his wires are the most organized of the artists we have seen so far.  His installations with photographs and filters are very well done and organized.  I […]

David M

He has a lot of variety in his work.  Many different pieces with different personality. They range from fun, cool, slick to even trippy.  It looks like he has done some commercialization with his work for things like shoes.  I like his work, it is all very clean and well done.  Nothing looks sloppy or […]

Website Update Pt. 4

Another round of website updates. These are a bit of a mix between content and site maintenance. (11/22/2017): – Added new video project to videos page, including source material, and the ds project page – Added new Daily creates to the corresponding page – Cleaned out old media – Removed legacy site backups – Adjusted […]

Magical Owl


Website Update Pt. 3

Website Updates (11/15/2017):
– More spam filtering, they’re devout to their cause(s).
– Updated Daily Creates page
– Updated Video page
– Edited sidebar to remove unnecessary plugins (recent comments, etc.)
– …

Takeshi M.

All his prints are of good quality and well made; they are thought out pieces.  His videos remind me of things made in SOURCE.  They often feel abstract and bazaar until the conclusions.  In his OM Rider video, you can see he puts a lot of effort into the faces and characters being detailed.  Then you […]

Website Update Pt. 2

This week there are a couple more updates to address. Changelog 11/6/2017: – Created video page to start hosting DS video content (link temporarily unavailable) – Updated meta slider to include more Daily Creates – Updated daily create page to host current daily creates, as well as updated meta slider – Flushed more spam – […]

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